Delivery Requirements


Delivery requirements:



You have heard this phrase many times. Location is the most important factor in real estate. It is also the most important factor in portable storage. Portable Storage is only convenient if the unit is where you want it!

Let’s take a look at some of the delivery requirements of our “competitors” and compare them to X Marks the Spot.




X Marks the Spot:

Required width – 12 feet.

We require just 8’

Required height – 15 feet.

We require just 9’

Required “straight shot” length – 55 feet.

Does not apply.

Think about these numbers for a minute. These are huge numbers! Let’s take a look at them one by one. Any one of these numbers can prevent our competitors from putting the storage unit where you need it.


Our competitors need up to 12′ of width:
Problem: Many driveways are not that wide!

Many of our competitors would have to cut out the stairs and the trees to put a unit in this driveway. We only need 8’ of width.


“The Other Guys” use some giant delivery machines. If their machine is wider than your driveway – get ready for some lawn damage!


Narrow driveways are no problem for us!


Need multiple units?

We can put units just inches apart. Our competitors need at least a couple feet between units. When space is limited, this wasted space can be a problem.


Need a unit in a parking spot?  

We can deliver a unit into a single parking space. Our competitors usually need you to reserve three parking spaces. Do you really want to upset your neighbors?


Our competitors need up to 15′ of height: That is about twice as high as most ceilings in your home. That is really high! Tree branches or wires can prevent our competitors from placing the unit where you need it. (We require only 9′ of height!)

Not enough height for our competitors. Easy for us! We only need 9’ of height.


Our competitors need up to 55′ of “straight shot” length:
Problem: Most driveways are not that long.

Some companies set a storage unit down directly behind a very long truck. If you are lucky they might be able to drop off the unit if they block off both lanes of your street. But get ready to see “an angry side” of your neighbors when they can’t get past your delivery truck for 10 minutes.

Other companies use machines that have to drive STRAIGHT OVER and away from the unit before the machine can turn. Unless you have a long, wide, and straight driveway, this probably will NOT work for you.

We don’t have a straight length requirement. Curvy driveways, circular driveways – All easy for us!


So what happens if you hire our “competitors”?

What often happens is you do not get the storage unit placed where you want it – or you may not get it at all. The main selling point behind portable storage is convenience. But if the unit is not where you want it, it is far from convenient! In fact, it can turn into a nightmare for you.

Imagine paying one of our competitors to bring a unit to your home. On delivery day they shock you with bad news. The unit will need to be placed on the street. I hope you have a strong back and lots of free time if you are going to carry everything that far. Or maybe they’ll tell you the only place they will be able to place the unit is in the middle of your front yard. I hope you aren’t too fond of your grass.

The bottom line is that the unit should go where YOU want it, not where our competitors are ABLE to put it.


If you are going to hire movers to load the unit for you, placement of the unit is still VERY IMPORTANT.  Most moving companies charge by the hour.  The closer your unit is to your door, the cheaper the move will be for you.   If your storage unit is out on your street, that will cost you lots more on your move day.