Using X Marks the Spot to Move


Portable Storage Units are becoming a common alternative to traditional moving. We deliver a unit to your door, and it can be loaded at your convenience. When you are ready, we take the storage unit to your new residence. Or, if you prefer, we can bring the storage unit to one of our warehouses until you are ready for it.

We have eliminated the need to rent a truck. We have also significantly reduced the number of times that your furniture is handled, which is safer for your belongings.

If you would rather not do the loading and unloading yourself, please read the “Load/Unload Service” page.

Use caution if hiring one of our competitors. Consider this bad situation. Imagine you are using portable storage to move from one house to another. Let’s say you have a very large area to place a unit at the house you are moving from. All is going well. However, what if there is not lots of open space at the house you are moving into? Let’s say you forgot there are some wires and branches over the driveway at the new house. Suddenly you have a big problem if you are using our competitors. What often happens is they cannot drop off the unit. Instead they bring it back to their parking lot. You now have to rent a truck or hire a moving company to get your stuff. So much for saving money! So much for convenience! Imagine how angry you would be.

Use X Marks the Spot and get the unit placed where YOU want it!