A 12’ unit is $160 per month.

A 16’ unit is $180 per month.

Months are not prorated.


We have an office at 6000 Ulmerton Rd. Clearwater, FL.  33760.   We use this address to determine transport fees.

We use to calculate delivery/transport fees.   Googlemaps tells us how long it should take us to get to your address and back (round trip).   We charge $1.40 per minute.   We simply take the total number of minutes and multiply it by $1.40.    There is a $60 minimum charge each time we transport your unit.


Suppose you are getting new floors and you need a unit in your driveway. Suppose googlemaps says it takes 46 minutes to get from our place to yours and back.   You would be charged 46 min X $1.40  = $64.40 to get the unit brought to your home.  You would be charged another $64.40 to get the unit picked up from your home when you were done with it.

Thus you would be looking at $64.40 + $64.40 = $128.80 for transport fees for this example.


Suppose you are using a portable unit to move from House #1 to House #2.

Day #1.   You need the unit brought to your House #1.  Googlemaps says the round trip from our shop to your home and back is 50 minutes.   50 min X $1.40 = $70 to get the unit delivered.

Day #2.  You need the unit brought from Home #1 to Home #2.   We would need to drive from our shop to house #1, from house #1 to house #2, and then from house #2 back to our shop.  Google maps says that is 60 minutes of driving.   60 min X $1.40 = $84.

Day #3.  You need the unit taken away from Home #2 because you are done with it.  Google maps says the round trip from our shop to home #2 and back is 30 minutes.   30 min X $1.40 = $42.  However we have a $60 minimum transport fee so this transport would cost you $60.

$70 + $84 + $60 = $214 for transport fees for this example.

Delivery fees are waived if Rock’s Moving does the loading and unloading and the unit is stored in our warehouse.  That is because they transport the unit for us.   See the “load/unload service” page for more information.


  • We rent furniture pads for $1 per pad per month if Rock’s Moving is doing the loading and unloading. We charge $2 per pad per month if you are loading and unloading the unit yourself.



  • There is a $30 fee for those who need to have their unit removed from the warehouse so that they can access it. If you are the type who likes to go into your storage unit on a regular basis, portable storage may not be the best option for you.


  • Payment is by credit card only.